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ARCHSPIRE ‘Tech Trek Australia’ Tour, October 11 – 17, 2023, with guests INGESTED and WEREWOLVES

Updated: 7 days ago

Canadian technical death outfit ARCHSPIRE exude talent, drive, creativity, and absolute dedication. A supremely tight live performance, where impressive speeds come grinding to a halt, and in even less time twist and contort into complex passages rife with beautiful harmonies, juxtaposed against insidious melodies. Do you think you know tech death and do you think you know exactly what you're getting yourself into at an ARCHSPIRE show? Then throw yourself into ‘Tech Trek Australia’ and behold the inhumanly mechanic, schizophrenic atmosphere that ARCHSPIRE are capable of producing.

Hacking, slashing and steamrolling their way through Australia for the very first time are UK death metal concoctors INGESTED! A more than worthy addition to the menu of brutality with their flavour of groovy slamming riffs, breakneck drumming, and deep guttural vocals which will undoubtedly appease fans who are yet to ingest their infectious blend of monstrous riffing in the flesh.

Spitting a vortex of black and death metal hatred and a loathing of absolutely everyone is the absurdly abrasive three headed savage that is Australia’s WEREWOLVES. Served as openers, we hope you enjoy your side of ringing ears and mild trauma.


Oct 11th – Brisbane, The Zoo

Oct 12th – Canberra, The Basement

Oct 13th – Sydney, The Factory Theatre

Oct 14th – Melbourne, The Corner Hotel

Oct 15th – Adelaide, Lion Arts Factory

Oct 17th – Perth, Amplifier Bar*

*Werewolves not appearing

TICKETS ON SALE 9.00am EST Thursday May 25th at:




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